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Senior District Director of insurer AIA charged with accepting HK$360k luxury gifts from down-liners for clients
ICAC, 9-Dec-2022
Two Hermes handbags purportedly worth over HK$160k each and a Bvlgari necklace - but she's not accused of poor taste. Once again, the takeaway for life insurance clients should be "insurers can afford such large commissions out of my money - so why am I buying this"?
2 ex-AIA insurance agents sentenced for HK$700k commission and compensation fraud
ICAC, 5-Aug-2022
Ex-AIA insurance agents admit HK$700k commission and compensation fraud
ICAC, 15-Jul-2022
14 months' jail for ex-AIA District Manager for fraud over signing fee
ICAC, 12-May-2022
Ex-AIA District Manager guilty of fraud over signing fee
ICAC, 28-Apr-2022
She received a signing-on fee of HK$860k by inflating her income at the previous insurer by HK$1.5m. We note that signing fees and high commissions are a common practice in this industry, in which salespeople are not so much selling you a product as selling you to the insurer.
Ex-AIA District Director gets 30 months for HK$4.4m signing fee fraud
ICAC, 17-Nov-2016
Ex-AIA District Director guilty of HK$4.4m signing fee fraud
ICAC, 28-Oct-2016
Ex-AIA, AXA insurance agents in court for alleged HK$450k fraud
ICAC, 31-Dec-2015
Ex-AIA District Director in court for alleged HK$4.4m fraud
ICAC, 12-Mar-2015
AIA/SCB trio in court for alleged insurance policy and commissions fraud
ICAC, 17-Apr-2014
Winnie Shum Ngo Sheung v Stella Tsoi Yan Wah
HK District Court, 28-Dec-2012
A spat between two insurance agents who have worked their way through MassMutual, then AIA and on to Manulife in the course of 6 years.
American International Assurance Co (Bermuda) Ltd v Cheung Sin Man
HK Court of First Instance, 4-Jan-2012
The impressive thing about this case is the numbers: for selling investment-linked plans and policies which produced premiums of $20.26m in 2011, the agent received commissions of US$789k (HK$6.15m), or about 30.4%. How do the customers of insurance companies expect a decent return with such costs?

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