Chui, Duncan Tak Keung 徐德強

Duncan Chui Tak Keung declared bankrupt
HK Court of First Instance, 17-Nov-2022
Re Duncan Chui Tak Keung
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Sep-2022
The interim voluntary arrangement between Mr Chui and his creditors, including family members, is revoked on the grounds of material irregularity in that some of the family debts are found not to be established, without which the vote would not have reached the 75% approval threshold.
Duncan Chui Tak Keung v MMT & Financial Secretary
HK Court of Appeal, 29-May-2013
MMT submits reports on dealings in Sino Katalytics (now Capital VC, 2324) shares
HK Government, 17-Aug-2012
Final MMT report on Sino Katalytics (now Capital VC, 2324)
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 16-Aug-2012
Duncan Chui Tak Keung & Peter Yau Chung Hong found culpable of false trading, price-rigging & market manipulation
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 9-Jul-2012
Capital VC (2324): Market Misconduct Tribunal enquiry against 2 EDs
Company announcement, 19-Aug-2011
The company gets around to announcing something that Webb-site pointed out on 14-Aug-2011.
Capital VC (2324) and Longlife (8037)
Our analysis shows that a general offer may have been triggered for Longlife and possibly for Capital VC too. We look at the close relationship between the two and the people involved. We also ask how a person could continue to act as director of a valuer, issuing valuation opinions for numerous listed companies, without disclosing that he was bankrupt at the time. (14-Aug-2011)
Referal to MMT of Duncan Chui Tak Keung and Peter Yau Chung Hong
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 12-Apr-2011
To determine whether they manipulated the stock of Sino Katalytics (now Capital VC, 2324) ahead of a placing in Jan-2009. Both are directors of the company.

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