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The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
New Ray Medicine (6108) buys 39% of C&C International Healthcare Group Ltd for HK$189.31m
Company announcement, 18-Oct-2016
The first 9% does not require shareholders' approval but the second tranche does. NRM fails to say who owns the rest of the target or who owns the vendor, JFA Capital, but we can tell you JFA Capital is 49.5% owned by Convoy (1019). JFA has already sold 4% to Rui Kang Pharmaceutical (8037) and 5% to Finsoft (8018), both in July.
Finsoft (8018) buys 5% of C&C International Healthcare Group Ltd for HK$24.27m
Company announcement, 18-Jul-2016
Finsoft fails to say who owns the vendor, JFA Capital, or who owns the rest of the target. This follows a purchase of 4% by Rui Kang (8037) three days ago.
Rui Kang (8037) buys 4% of C&C International Healthcare Group Ltd for HK$19.42m
Company announcement, 15-Jul-2016
Rui Kang fails to say who owns the vendor, JFA Capital, or who owns the rest of the target.
SFC sanctions Capital VC and Peter Yau Chung HongOur article of 14-Aug-2011
SFC, 22-May-2012
This case was triggered by Webb-site's article of 14-Aug-2011, when we pointed out that an offer should have been made for Longlife (8037). We regard the 18-month "Cold Shoulder Order" as light in duration. The statement says nothing about the fact that Mr Yau and Longlife combined held more than 30% of Capital VC (2324). Meanwhile, Mr Yau is involved in a separate case with the Market Misconduct Tribunal where a ruling is awaited.
Longlife (8037) buys 40m shares (1.63%) of Wo Kee Hong (0720) @$0.275
Company announcement, 20-Mar-2012
Volume on 16-Mar-2012 was zero, so the shares were purchased off-market.
Capital VC (2324) sells 8.85% of Longlife (8037) to Wong Chun HungHis filing
Disclosure of interest, 8-Sep-2011
Vincent Wong Chun Hung was Vice Chairman of Heritage (0412), a member of the "Chung Nam Network", until 19-Aug-2011.He was also a subscriber of shares in Radford (0901) in 2009.
Longlife (8037) resumes trading
Company announcement, 18-Aug-2011
The company fails to mention that it owned about 8.41% of Capital VC (at last filing) or explain why it bought those shares. The announcement is signed by Cheung Hung, Chairman of Longlife. As we noted in our article, he is a former NED of Capital VC.
Capital VC (2324) combined stake in Longlife (8037) with Mr Yau exceeded 30%
Company announcement, 17-Aug-2011
This follows our article of 14-Aug-2011. We alerted the SFC on 11-Aug-2011. CVC says that from 10-Jun-2011 to 28-Jul-2011, it and Mr Yau had a combined stake over 30% in Longlife. CVC will consult the SFC for a ruling or waiver, but defiantly says "irrespective of the result", it will not make a general offer and Mr Yau won't either. SFC urges CVC and Mr Yau to comply with the Takeover Code or face disciplinary action in respect of any breach. Watch this space.
Capital VC (2324) and Longlife (8037)
Our analysis shows that a general offer may have been triggered for Longlife and possibly for Capital VC too. We look at the close relationship between the two and the people involved. We also ask how a person could continue to act as director of a valuer, issuing valuation opinions for numerous listed companies, without disclosing that he was bankrupt at the time. (14-Aug-2011)
William Sham Chi Keung is a discharged bankrupt
Company announcement, 22-Jan-2010
Market manipulator Mr Wong Wing Hing given suspended jail sentence
SFC, 3-Jan-2008

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