Former Bank of China boss arrested on corruption chargesCCDI statement
Guardian, 16-Oct-2023
China expels former Bank of China chairman from Communist PartyResignation announcement
Reuters, 7-Oct-2023
When he resigned from BoC on 18-Mar-2023, the Board expressed "high praise and sincere gratitude" "for his tremendous contributions during his tenure".
Former chairman of Bank of China under disciplinary review
China Daily, 31-Mar-2023
SFC bans Chan Tan Lo, ex-BOCI Securities, for 14 months
SFC, 19-Mar-2020
For overcharging clients in bond mark-ups by failing to pass on lower-than-expected execution prices.
SFC fines BOCI Securities Ltd HK$10m for investment products selling practices
SFC, 18-Mar-2019
The Bank of China (3988) subsidiary allowed clients to upgrade their investment risk without justification and to achieve "high asset concentration" - more than 20% of net assets in one product - in the majority of transactions in the relevant periods.
SFC bans Ms Lok Wai Fong, ex-Bank of China HK, for life
SFC, 8-Oct-2018
Administrators complete distribution to investors affected by Tiger Asia’s insider dealing
SFC, 19-May-2016
MMT bans Tiger Asia and Bill Hwang from trading securities in HK for 4 yearsMMT report
SFC, 9-Oct-2014
Bank of China vice-president resigns after allegations of affairs
South China Morning Post, 19-Apr-2014
Tiger Asia admits insider dealing and ordered to pay some investors HK$45 million
SFC, 20-Dec-2013
If you bought BOC (3988) on 31-Dec-2008 or 13-Jan-2009, or CCB (0939) on 6-Jan-2009, and if by chance your order was matched with a sale by Tiger Asia, then you are in line for a payout for their insider dealing. This folows the same system as the Du Jun case announced on 12-Dec-2013. As we said, it is a lottery allocation, because other investors who bought at that time will not get the payout. You have about a 1 in 5 chance of a payout in each stock.
MMT sets date for Tiger Asia hearing
SFC, 6-Sep-2013
Notice to MMT re Tiger Asia Management LLC & staff
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 15-Jul-2013
SFC begins MMT proceedings against Tiger Asia Management LLC & staff
SFC, 15-Jul-2013
CFA gives reasons for dismissal of Tiger Asia appealCFA judgment
SFC, 10-May-2013
Court of Final Appeal dismisses Tiger Asia appeal
SFC, 30-Apr-2013
Tiger Asia Management pleads guilty to wire fraud, forfeits US$16m
New Jersey District Attorney, 12-Dec-2012
Hedge fund manager to pay US$44m for illegal trading in Chinese bank stocks
US SEC, 12-Dec-2012
Court of Final Appeal to hear Tiger Asia case
SFC, 18-Apr-2012
SFC wins in Court of Appeal against Tiger Asia
SFC, 23-Feb-2012
SFC v Tiger Asia Management LLC & others
HK Court of Appeal, 23-Feb-2012
SFC lodges Notice of Appeal in Tiger Asia case
SFC, 9-Sep-2011
SFC to appeal Court's dismissal of Tiger Asia proceedings
SFC, 14-Jul-2011
SFC v Tiger Asia Management LLC & others
HK Court of First Instance, 14-Jul-2011
SFC to appeal Court of First Instance ruling on Tiger Asia
SFC, 21-Jun-2011
SFC v Tiger Asia Management LLC & others
HK Court of First Instance, 21-Jun-2011
The judge finds that the court does not have jurisdiction to determine whether the defendants contravened section 295(1) of the SFO. If the SFC wants to take the matter further then it must either go to the Market Misconduct Tribunal, or to criminal prosecution.
SFC seeks trading ban against Tiger Asia over alleged insider trading
SFC, 26-Apr-2010
SFC suspends Stephen Yenn Man Han for manipulative orders during auction sessions
SFC, 26-Aug-2009
Court of First Instance clarifies grey market dealing
SFC, 26-May-2009
SFC fines BOCI Securities Ltd HK$3m for abusing client assets
SFC, 18-Feb-2009
SFC commences action in High Court tackling grey markets
SFC, 31-Mar-2008
Duo jailed for money laundering
HK Police, 19-Jan-2007
Wang Xuebing, former President of BOC, jailed for 12 years
Xinhua, 10-Dec-2003
The Bank of China's black hole
BusinessWeek, 4-Feb-2002
China's Banks under a cloud
BusinessWeek, 28-Jan-2002
The Gang that couldn't invest straight
BusinessWeek, 28-Jan-2002

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