Ip Lau, Regina Suk Yee 葉劉淑儀

Angry turn in party parting
HK Standard, 29-Aug-2019
'Emergency' for Ip over lack of nominations
HK Standard, 17-Feb-2017
""As an association representing the Taoist sector, we will unify our thoughts and make a collective decision. We tend to bundle because we are representing the whole religion," chairman Leung Tak-wah said." - a clear admission of block-voting their 10 seats on the Election Committee.
LegCo - who's got religion?
There were 19 oath-taking Christians in last week's LegCo swearing in, 7 non-religious oaths, and 44 affirmations. So who believes in a higher power than Beijing? (16-Oct-2016)
Regina Ip admits she lied about Beijing liaison office visit
South China Morning Post, 9-Sep-2016
Well that's a start.
Moving on from Occupy to the Central Issue
The protesters have overstayed their welcome in Admiralty. They should withdraw and set a new deadline for C Y Leung to do the right thing: send a new report to the NPCSC, recommending restoring the nomination threshold to 12.5% from 50%. That would achieve free and fair elections without civic nomination. After all, only 305 members of the 1200-member committee nominated him in 2012. A New Year's Day march should celebrate or protest his choice. Sign the petition! (7-Dec-2014)
Vote for chief executive must be wide open, says Regina Ip
South China Morning Post, 24-Aug-2013
"She told the South China Morning Post the dividend brought by universal suffrage, such as a stronger mandate for chief executive, would be lost if the electoral or nominating methods were rigged to rule out some candidates."
Exco holds firm over Lam leave amid ICAC probe
HK Standard, 5-Nov-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re government intervention
RTHK, 13-Apr-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re Property Address (or Policy Address)
RTHK, 15-Oct-2009
David Akers-Jones backs Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee
YouTube, 30-Jul-2008
...for LegCo general election in 2008.
David Akers-Jones backs Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee
YouTube, 1-Dec-2007
...for LegCo by-election in 2007, against Anson Chan Fang On-sang
A by-election in HK
We take a look ahead to the forthcoming by-election in Hong Kong, and marvel at the hypocrisy of the DAB and Regina Ip. (31-Aug-2007)
SCS Joseph Wong Wing Ping on resignation of Antony Leung as FS and Regina Ip as S for S
HK Government, 17-Jul-2003
Statement by CE Tung Chee Hwa on Regina Ip's resignation as Secretary for Security
HK Government, 16-Jul-2003
Statement by Regina Ip, resigning Secretary for Security
HK Government, 16-Jul-2003
New team of Principal Officials appointed
HK Government, 24-Jun-2002

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