Blue River (0498) grants HK$150m loan facility to Green River Associates Ltd
Company announcement, 7-Dec-2022
Can a Cyan River be far away? The announcement reveals that CST (0985) now owns 17.35% of Green River. It was formerly 100% owned by Planetree (0613) which in 2020 sold 60% (now 49.59%) to Alice Yu Man Fung. At the time, Planetree stated that Ms Yu and Karen Lo Ki Yan, controlling shareholder of Planetree, "have known each other for many years".
CST (0985) sells 32.18m Evergrande Vehicle (0708) shares at $3.89/share
Company announcement, 5-Oct-2021
At 31-Mar-2021, CST held 42.18m shares at HK$57.80. In the annual report, management wrote "The Group is optimistic about the prospects of China Evergrande Vehicle in the medium to long term, subject to market conditions."
CST (0985) buys more China Evergrande (3333) notes
Company announcement, 23-Jul-2021
This "presents an opportunity for the Group to have a stable return". Surely not stable, given that the bonds will either default or generate a huge gain if Evergrande survives and redeems at par.
CST (0985) buys China Evergrande (3333) notes at substantial discount to face value
Company announcement, 20-Jul-2021
Joint Global Ltd joint venture agreement dated 15-Sep-2015
Company filing, 7-Jun-2017
Thanks to the SFC's Takeovers Code, this agreement has been published online by CMBC Capital Holdings Ltd (1141), one of the 11 entities in what we call the "Chung Nam Network" which pooled their shares in HEC Capital Ltd into Joint Global Ltd, which then imploded like a black hole. It relates to our story "The Joint Global implosion", 30-Sep-2016.
Radford (0901) ownership investigation results
Company announcement, 27-Apr-2004
China United (0273) buys 37.5m shares (9.64%) of Hennabun Management Inc from Golden Resources (0677) for HK$72m in shares
Company announcement, 11-Mar-2004
Just prior to this deal, HMI is a hub owned by 10 listed companies, including 2 not seen in prior filings: Yugang (0613) has 20.56%, and China Investment Fund Co Ltd (0612) has acquired 2.5m shares (0.64%), probably from Golden Resources.
China United (0273) circular on connected transaction
Company circular, 24-Dec-2003
In the last 3 weeks, subsidiary Hennabun Mangement Inc has issued shares to 2 more listed companies: Heritage (0412) and Sinolink Worldwide (1168), taking the total to 8 in the hub.
China United (0273) agrees to buy shares in Radford (0901) from Hennabun Management Inc
Company announcement, 2-Dec-2003
It incidentally discloses that another listed company, Beauforte Investors (0021) has subscribed for a 9.56% stake in HMI, so it is now owned by 6 listed companies.
China United (0273) reprices subscription by Golden Resources (0677) into Hennabun Management Inc, after collapse of NAV
Company announcement, 7-Nov-2003
HMI held a 23.24% stake in Radford Capital (0901) which was a bubble stock that has now burst after the SFC intervened and found a concentration of ownership and a "very close relationship between the shareholders of [Radford] and its investments".
Golden Resources Development (0677) subscribes shares in Hennabun Management Inc, subsidary of China United (0273)
Company announcement, 15-Oct-2003
The other shareholders of HMI are China Sci-Tech (0985), Hansom Eastern (0279) and HK Pharmaceutical (0182), making this a 5-way hub.

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