Goldstone Investment Group Limited 金石投資集團有限公司

Concentration warning in Goldstone Investment (0901)
SFC, 13-Apr-2021
The top 22 holders have 90.49%.
Subscription agreement between Hao Tian (0474) and HEC Capital Ltd dated 18-Sep-2012
Company filing, 2-Jul-2014
This is a recent filing under the Takeovers Code. Schedule 1 reveals the shareholdings in HEC Capital Ltd on the subscription date, including 10 other listed companies which we consider to be in the "Chung Nam Network".
Radford Capital (0901) service agreement with Mr Cheung Wing Ping, 5-Jul-2011
Company filing, 7-Oct-2013
Radford (0901): Market Misconduct Tribunal enquiry against INED
Company announcement, 25-Aug-2011
This is something that Webb-site pointed out on 14-Aug-2011. Radford has now granted Mr Yau "administrative leave of absence" until the outcome of the proceedings is known.
Radford (0901) shareholders remove 2 EDs, 2 INEDs and veto mandates & options scheme
Company announcement, 30-Jun-2011
That's a step in the right direction! Now there are 2 EDs and one INED (who were not up for re-election at today's AGM). Let's see what happens next.
Radford (0901) independent shareholders veto rights issue
Company announcement, 27-Jun-2011
That's a week after the stock started trading ex-rights. The voting turnout was a high 73.9% of the eligible shares. This 4:1 rights issue at $0.35 is one of the last deals which can go ex-entitlement before the meeting to approve it, because HKEx has closed that loophole effective 20-Jun-2011, but it does not apply to timetables announced before that.
Capital VC Ltd (2324) proposes to issue 29.72% of enlarged capital to Willie (0273)Willie announcement
Company announcement, 9-Jun-2011
The subscription is at a 59% discount to NAV at 30-Apr-2011. Capital VC will thereby enter what we call the "Chung Nam Network" which includes several listed companies and 2 other Chapter 21 investment companies: Unity (0913) and Radford (0901), the share graphs of which speak for themselves.
Dragonite (0329) issues shares to Ms Choi Ka Nam, ED of Radford Capital (0901)
Company announcement, 30-Mar-2011
Dragonite and Radford are both members of what we call the "Chung Nam Network". The issue price is a 12.1% discount to today's close, for an issue size which is less than half the 44.8m shares traded today (30-Mar-2011).
Radford (0901), Unity (0913) subscribe CBs in Freeman (0279)
Company announcement, 12-Oct-2010
Dealing disclosures show that they each subscribed for HK$30m of the "Firm Bonds", which carry the right to subscribe the same amount again upon conversion. The announcement reveals that Freeman currently owns 4.34% of Radford. Andrew Liu subscribed $155m of the Firm Bonds and acquired another $15m of them from Henry Chuang on 11-Oct-2010. The other subscribers were Benny Kwong Kai Sing (Chairman of Heritage), Peter Lam How Mun (MD of CC Land), Andrew Lam Ping Cheung, and Koji Shimazaki (ED of Radford) ($10m each) and Angela Ching Yuen Man (ED of Dragonite) ($5m).
Mr Au Wai June subscribes 3.51% of Radford (0901)
Company announcement, 16-Aug-2010
China Strategic bubble
We warn investors of a bubble in the stock of China Strategic, the 80% owner of the proposed buyer of Taiwan's Nan Shan Life Insurance, partly financed by a massive note issue convertible into 78bn shares at $0.10 each. We publish the placing list and analyse the names in the deal. Finally, we warn investors to avoid 7 companies in the "Chung Nam network", which has lost HK$6.2bn in 5 years. (13-Nov-2009)
Radford places shares with Vincent Wong Chun Hung, a director of Heritage, a substantial shareholder
Company announcement, 5-Jun-2009
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
Freeman accepts convertible bond from Radford in settlement of HK$25m loanRadford announcement
Company announcement, 26-Sep-2008
Heritage accepts convertible bond from Radford in settlement of HK$25m loanRadford announcement
Company announcement, 26-Sep-2008
Willie subscribes 12.33% of Radford Capital Investment for HK$29.8m
Company announcement, 30-May-2007
SFC prosecutes Patrick Wong Man Hung under the Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SFC, 14-Oct-2004
Ownership investigation results
Company announcement, 27-Apr-2004
China United (0273) agrees to buy shares in Radford (0901) from Hennabun
Company announcement, 2-Dec-2003
Portfolio disclosure and ownership investigation
Company announcement, 29-Oct-2003
Concentration warning
Company announcement, 20-Aug-2003

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