Lai, Jimmy Chee Ying 黎智英

Webb looks for clarity in Next asset freeze claim
RTHK, 18-May-2021
Government freezes Jimmy Lai's assets, including stake in Next Digital (0282)NSL Rules
HK Government, 14-May-2021
Even if Mr Lai is convicted, given the advertising boycott against the company, the long decline in its share price, and that he's been supporting it with loans, it might be difficult for the prosecution to show that he has benefited from the offence and therefore that a confiscation should be made under the NSL Rules, Schedule 3.
HKSAR v Jimmy Lai Chee Ying
HK Court of First Instance, 23-Feb-2021
Bail refused.
HKSAR v Jimmy Lai Chee Ying
HK Court of Final Appeal, 9-Feb-2021
David Perry QC withdraws from prosecuting pan-dems
HK Government, 20-Jan-2021
4 days after we queried how he proposed to get to HK given the ban on travel from the UK, Mr Perry withdraws, partly because of "the exemption of quarantine". By the way, this case involves alleged offences under the Public Order Ordinance, not the National Security Law. UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was wrong on that point, but it's an easy mistake to make given that over 50 pan-dems were arrested under suspicion of NSL offences 2 weeks ago.
Re David Perry QC
HK Court of First Instance, 12-Jan-2021
Mr Perry is approved to visit HK and prosecute leading pan-democrats for unauthorised assembly. Trial begins 16-Feb, but all arrivals from UK are currently banned - will the Govt exempt him, or is he already here? Like HK residents stranded in the UK, he could go somewhere else for 21 days and then do 21 days quarantine in HK, but that's 42 days of taxpayers' fees before he starts, not before 24-Feb.
Jimmy Lai returned to custody pending prosecution's appeal against bail
HK Court of Final Appeal, 31-Dec-2020
The top court cites prosecution's concern that Mr Lai may cause "irreparable harm to national security" while on bail, rendering the appeal nugatory, and chooses the "status quo ante" as the magistrate's decision to remand him in custody rather than the status quo before that, of being a free man.
HKSAR v Jimmy Lai Chee Ying
HK Court of First Instance, 29-Dec-2020
Bail is granted.
ICAC & DoJ clear Jimmy Lai, Mark Simon and 5 current and former pro-democracy legislators
ICAC, 1-Feb-2018
Following the acquittal of legislator Leung Kwok Hung in a similar case, the Department of Justice has advised the ICAC that there is insufficient evidence to justify prosecution.
ICAC charges Leung Kwok Hung with misconduct in public office
ICAC, 23-Jun-2016
Next Media (0282): Jimmy Lai was led away by the Police in Admiralty
Company announcement, 11-Dec-2014
It would have been price-sensitive news if he had not been!
ICAC response re raids on homes of Jimmy Lai Chee Ying, Lee Cheuk Yan and Mark Simon
ICAC, 28-Aug-2014
Next Media (0282): ICAC visit to Chairman Jimmy Lai's residence
Company announcement, 28-Aug-2014
'It's clear-cut political persecution': Lawmaker slams ICAC's visit to Jimmy Lai
South China Morning Post, 28-Aug-2014
Donation from Jimmy Lai was transferred to Labour Party this week, says Lee Cheuk-yan
South China Morning Post, 31-Jul-2014
Cashing up at Next Media
If Next Media (0282) completes the sale of its Taiwan units, it will have a profitable HK business and net cash of about HK$4.4bn with no use for it. Rather than drag shareholders into a new business as City Telecom (1137) has done, we expect Next to do the right thing and distribute the proceeds in a special dividend. The potential payout is $1.79 per share, and majority shareholder Jimmy Lai will get 74% of that to use as he pleases. (26-Oct-2012)
Webb on "Backchat" re political party funding
RTHK, 20-Oct-2011
Lai splashes HK$60m on his democrat buddies
HK Standard, 18-Oct-2011
Money business for the cardinal
HK Standard, 18-Oct-2011
...and how much money has the Standard's controlling shareholder given to the Bauhinia Foundation, the lobby group of which he is "Protector"?
HKSAR v Huang Nanhua (aka Wong Siu Ming)
HK Court of Appeal, 27-May-2010
Koo Ming Kown v Next Media Ltd, Jimmy Lai Chee Ying and James To Kun Sun
HK District Court, 17-Feb-2009

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