Pang, Anthea Po Kam 彭寶琴

HKSAR v Chan Chun KitSummary Offences Ordinance s17
HK Court of Final Appeal, 15-Jul-2022
No thought crimes: in an encouraging sign that the highest HK court (but not the courts below) are robustly pushing back against overreaching prosecutions, the CFA unanimously overturns the Court of Appeal and Magistrate and rules that because cable ties are not manufactured for the purpose of restraining a person, they are outside the scope of the Summary Offences Ordinance, and the defendant's conviction is overturned. Applying the prosecution's wide interpretation would "do violence to the language" and "effectively turn the section into a thought crime" - Chief Justice Andrew Cheung Kui Nung.
Six in 2016 LegCo Election bribery and vote-rigging case have sentences increased up to 23 months' jail after review
ICAC, 20-May-2022
HKSAR v Chan Chun Kit
HK Court of Appeal, 11-Oct-2021
The appeal is dismissed. "The type of cable ties involved in the present case can be used for many unlawful purposes" - and that, apparently, with an inferred intent to use them, is enough to break the law. How many other things in your possession could be used for unlawful purposes? The pen in your hand, perhaps?
HKSAR v Jimmy Lai Chee Ying
HK Court of First Instance, 23-Feb-2021
Bail refused.

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