Articles: Connected transactions

Censure of Mingfa (0846) and sanctions on 4 directors
SEHK, 27-Jun-2022
For numerous undisclosed and unapproved connected transactions and late results.
Censure of Longrun Tea (2898) and directors
SEHK, 14-Jul-2021
For a major, undisclosed connected loan to a company controlled by the founding Chairman Mr Chiu Ka Leung and another ED Mr Jiao Shaoliang, amongst other things.
Censure/criticism of Winshine (0209) and various directors
SEHK, 12-Jul-2021
For various undisclosed tranasctions, including a loan to a company owned by the then-CEO. He and another ex-ED failed to cooperate with the SEHK investigation.
Censure/criticism of Alltronics (0833) and 10 directors
SEHK, 28-Jun-2021
For varying the terms of a connected transaction without seeking further independent shareholders' approval.
Censure of Baytacare Pharma (ex-8197), directors & supervisors
SEHK, 8-Jun-2021
For multiple undisclosed connected transactions with the Chairman and his Dad, amongst other things. We note that one of the censured INEDs is Victor Gao Zhikai, the frequent CCTV commentator. He is also an INED of E-commodities (1733) and Modern Land (China) (1107).
PYI (0498) subscribes HK$100m for CB in brokerage subsidiary of Imagi (0585)PYI announcement
Company announcement, 13-Apr-2021
Imagi and PYI are 19.08% and 28.53% owned by Oshidori (0622) but technically this is not a Connected Transaction under the Listing Rules for either company because neither is an "associate" (30% owned) by Oshidori (a connected person of both). All 3 companies are in what we call the "Chung Nam Network".
Censure of China Yu Tian (ex-8230) and 7 directors
SEHK, 30-Mar-2021
Censure/criticism of Sandmartin (0482) and various directors
SEHK, 22-Jan-2021
For undisclosed connected transactions.
Court makes orders against ex-Chairman and EDs of Minth (0425)
SFC, 7-Nov-2019
For an undisclosed connected transaction in 2008 involving a BVI company and his nephew and niece, once again demonstrating how the Stock Exchange allows related parties to hide behind offshore companies whose ownership cannot be traced.
Breach of Listing Rules: undisclosed connected transactions
Company announcement, 9-Nov-2017
Minth (0425): undisclosed connected transaction with Chairman's nephew and nieceCircular
Company announcement, 12-Jun-2009

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