Hui, Cindi Ming Ming 許明明

Anthony Lam Kwan and Charles H.C. Cheung & CPA Ltd fined HK$35k
HKICPA, 18-Apr-2018
For bad work auditing the renovation of the external walls of Grandview Tower, Kennedy Road.
HKICPA fines Mr Cheung Chun Bong for theft conviction
HKICPA, 14-Aug-2017
He was convicted of taking someone's mobile phone after she left it at a cashier counter in McDonald's.
HKICPA fines Chan Ying Kit HK$50k
HKICPA, 27-Apr-2016
HKICPA bans Anthony Chow Ho Tung
HKICPA, 23-Oct-2015
Louis Tang Wai Hung & W.H. Tang & Partners CPA Ltd, fined HK$50k for failings in 2008 audit of Luxey (8041)
HKICPA, 29-Sep-2014
Patrick Ng Wing Hang, MD of Pan-China (H.K.) CPA, fined HK$70k for failings in 2006 and 2007 audits of Luxey (8041)
HKICPA, 29-Sep-2014
His firm Patrick Ng & Co was reorganised into a company now named Pan-China (H.K.) CPA Ltd in 2008. He is an INED and audit committee chairman of Far East Hotels and Entertainment (0037) and Shenyin Wanguo (H.K.) (0218). The case was investigated by the Financial Reporting Council and referred to the HKICPA on 18-Sep-2012 but was not referred to a disciplinary panel until 22-Oct-2013. Why should the HKICPA hang on to its disciplinary role?
HKICPA bans Mr Andy Yip Tze Wai for 4 yearsReasons
HKICPA, 1-Nov-2013

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