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The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017) (8086) buys Full Profit Property Services Co Ltd from Finsoft (8018) for HK$20mFinsoft announcement
Company announcement, 1-Dec-2016
Finsoft bought it for HK$6m on 30-Dec-2015 from Jia Meng (8101). Disclosure on "discloseable transactions" in HK is so minimal that it is impossible to tell whether the surge in profits represents 1-time items (such as gains on listed securities) or not. (8086) coughs up investment details
Company announcement, 27-Oct-2016
This follows a Webb-site complaint to HKEX on 17-Oct-2016 that the company had failed to comply with Appendix 16, paragraph 32(4) of the Listing Rules. We calculate the holdings to be 1.46% of China Parenting Network (8361), 1.18% of AMCO (0630) and 3.55% of GET (8100) at 30-Jun-2016. (8086) buys money-lender from AMCO United (0630) for HK$58.3mAMCO announcement
Company announcement, 7-Oct-2016
Of course, AMCO has set up another money-lender, JS Finance Ltd, and doesn't need two of them to lend out its shareholders' funds. (8086) sells 1.38% of GET (8100)
Company announcement, 23-Feb-2016 (8086) swaps e-Perfect IT Ltd for 11.65% of M Dream (8100)M Dream announcement
Company announcement, 10-Jun-2014
M Dream owns 4.89% of
Oriental Unicorn (8120) buys EPRO Computer Systems (Beijing) Co Ltd from (8086)
Company announcement, 17-Jan-2014
M Dream Inworld (8100) buys 4.89% of EPRO (8086) from Town Health (3886)
Company announcement, 13-Jun-2013
ePro (8086) buys e-Perfect IT Ltd from James Ho Shiu Kei for HK$45m
Company announcement, 29-Jun-2012
Concentration warning
Company announcement, 27-Jun-2007
Criticism of Company
SEHK, 26-Jul-2004
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 17.15, 17.18, 17.22 & 17.24
Company announcement, 24-Dec-2002
Allotment results and concentration warning
Company announcement, 31-Jul-2000

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