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The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
China Properties Investment (0736) buys J.A.F. Brokerage Ltd
Company announcement, 20-Nov-2015
CAID (0048) gains from umbrella bubble
Following a Webb-site complaint to regulators, CAID has revealed 3 holdings, including umbrella maker China Jicheng (1027), still trading at over 70x NAV. CAID expects the investments to contribute a positive return in the near future, but doesn't say why. Meanwhile Lerado (1225) hasn't said how it made similar gains. Is it also in the umbrella bubble? (10-Oct-2015)
China Environmental Energy (0986) buys 9.9% of Starfame Investments Ltd for HK$30m
Company announcement, 12-May-2014
The vendor is Main Global Group Ltd, the owner of which is not disclosed. It had previously tried to sell the whole of Starfame to China Properties Investment (0736).
China Properties Inv (0736): termination of MoU to acquire Starfame Investments Ltd
Company announcement, 4-Apr-2014
China Properties Inv (0736) terminates MoU for acquisition of Pure Power Holdings Ltd
Company announcement, 30-Jan-2014
CPI had already paid US$19m (HK$148.2m) cash deposit in 2010. The vendor is not returning that, but is giving them HK$25m plus HK$123.2m of promissory notes issued by CEEI (0986) which it recieved in return for selling 10% of the same target to CEEI, namely Pure Power Holdings Ltd, 6 days ago.
China Environmental Energy (0986) buys 10% of Pure Power Holdings Ltd for HK$125m
Company announcement, 24-Jan-2014
...of which HK$123.2m is in promissory notes.
China Properties Inv (0736): MoU to acquire Starfame Investments Ltd
Company announcement, 14-Jan-2014
The vendor is Main Global Group Ltd, the owner of which is not disclosed.
Hao Wen (8019): subsidiary guilty of naked short selling
Company announcement, 5-Sep-2013
Corporate investor convicted of illegal short selling
SFC, 5-Sep-2013
The company is 100%-owned by Hao Wen Holdings Ltd (8019), although the SFC chooses not to say so.
Retail investor Mr Law Kwong Shing convicted of illegal short selling
SFC, 25-Jul-2013
Mayer Holdings Ltd v Make Success Ltd & others
HK Court of First Instance, 5-Apr-2012
Simsen (0993) sells Mayer $300m promissory note to Lee Yuk Lun for $10m
Company announcement, 13-Feb-2012
The promissory note was part of the security for a loan amount of $76m, of which $50m was syndicated to China Properties Inv (0736). Lee Yuk Lun is Chairman and CEO of Rising Development (1004).
China Properties Inv (0736) intends to consent to sale of Mayer (1116) promissory notes by Simsen (0993) in Make Success loan
Company announcement, 2-Feb-2012
Mayer (1116) sues Zhang Xinyu's Make Success Ltd alleging misrepresentation
Company announcement, 16-Jan-2012
China Properties Inv (0736) lends HK$50m to Make Success Ltd via Simsen (0993)
Company announcement, 28-Jul-2011
CPI gets 18% p.a. - but we know from previous announcements that Power Alliance gets 23% and Simsen Capital Finance gets 24% p.a. This announcement doesn't mention what the security is: the Simsen announcement of 7-Jun-2011 will tell you: promissory notes and convertibles issued by Mayer (1116) in in acquisition.
SFC prosecutes Mr Tsoi Man Chi for disclosure failure
SFC, 23-Feb-2006
Northern International: Kingston Securities terminated underwriting agreement for open offer
Company announcement, 18-Apr-2005
Company disagrees, says there has not been any material adverse change.
SFC suspends Mr Ng Ting Shag for 2 weeks
SFC, 25-Aug-2000
SJ v Simon Chan Ying Ming
HK Court of Appeal, 2-Mar-1999
Mr Cheng's "manifestly inadequate" jail sentence for operating an unlicensed deposit-taker is increased from 6 months to 29 months.
SFC prosecutes Simon Chan Ying Ming under the Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SFC, 28-Apr-1998

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