Luen Wong Group Holdings Limited 聯旺集團控股有限公司

The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
CEEI (0986) sells China Jicheng (1027), buys Luen Wong (8217)
Company announcement, 18-Aug-2016
What it doesn't say: CEEI has breached Listing Rules by failing to obtain shareholders' approval in advance of Major Transactions and by failing to announce them for 4 weeks. Each stock is the subject of SFC concentration warnings. We calculate that the purchase of Luen Wong shares is at a P/B of 321 and a P/E of 861. CEEI says the deal is "fair and reasonable", "a good investment opportunity" and "an attractive investment which will provide satisfactory return".
Concentration warning in Luen Wong (8217)
SFC, 28-Apr-2016
Luen Wong (8217) allotments and concentration warningCCASS allocations
Company announcement, 11-Apr-2016

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