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Capital VC (2324) dilutes holders againOptions announcement
Company announcement, 2-Feb-2018
The "Enigma Network" investment company is blowing the general mandate, issuing 19.96% new shares at $0.05, not mentioning the 84.9% discount to Net Asset Value of $0.3308 at 31-Dec-2017. The board claims the issue is "in the interests of the Company and the Shareholders as a whole". The placing agent, Infast Brokerage, is 95% owned by GCPS (8193), another Enigma member. 3 minutes eariler, Capital VC announced a grant of 275m options at $0.058 to unnamed persons. That's another potential 10% enlargement of the share base at an 82.5% discount to NAV. We call on the SFC to direct the Stock Exchange to reject the listing application for all the new shares.
QPL (0243) dumps 3 stocks in Enigma Network meltdown
Company announcement, 27-Jun-2017
We knew they had shares in GCPS (8193), but this announcement also reveals holdings in Major (1389) and China Jicheng (1027). The CJ shares were sold at an average $0.0275, better than Lerado's $0.0169 and CNC's $0.0214.
The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
GCPS (8193): ED David Yip Chung Wai arrested by ICACClient list
Company announcement, 21-Apr-2017
GCPS, via 80.1% subsidiary Greater China Appraisal Ltd, is a valuer. The other 19.9% is owned by Roma (8072), another valuation group. It is probably not a coincidence that on the same day, Roma has announced that its Chairman and CEO Kelvin Luk Kee Yan has also been arrested by the ICAC.
GCPS (8193) lends HK$64m to someone for 2 years at 8% p.a.
Company announcement, 31-Mar-2017
The loan is secured by a second mortgage on Duplex Flat B on 45/F & 46/F, Upton, 180 Connaught Road West. So who owns that? The loan was made on the last day of the financial year for GCPS.
CIFG (1226) coughs up details of investments at 30-Sep-2016
Company announcement, 23-Jan-2017
This follows a complaint to HKEX by Webb-site on 26-Dec-2016 that CIFG had failed to disclose details of "significant investments" as required by paragraph 32(4) of Appendix 16 of the Listing Rules. We calculate that the holdings included 3.32% of WLS (8021), 3.90% of KPM (8027), 1.30% of GCPS (8193), 4.49% of AMCO (0630) and 4.86% of RCG (0802).
CEEI (0986) buys shares in GCPS (8193), sells shares in Suncorp (1063)
Company announcement, 19-Oct-2016
GCPS (8193) sells 19.9% of Greater China Appraisal Ltd to Roma (8072) for HK$25mRoma announcement
Company announcement, 20-Jan-2016
GCPS (8193) to buy 95% of IAM Group Inc. for HK$80.75m from Andy Lai Kui Shing
Company announcement, 9-Dec-2015
IAM owns stockbroker Infast Brokerage Ltd.
Bubbles and troubles in Hong Kong
Pour yourself a coffee and digest this long article as we investigate several ongoing abusive "open offers" and placings as well as show you who's been making out in multi-billion-dollar bubbles. We call on regulators and rule-makers to take action. (24-Sep-2015)
Controller of GreaterChina Professional Services (8193) pledges 36.23% stakeDisclosure of interest
Company announcement, 4-Aug-2015
It took them 27 days to disclose the pledge. A filing dated 9-Jul-2015 shows that the lender is M Success Finance Ltd, wholly-owned by Roma Group (8072).
China Env Energy (0986) buys 5.13% of GreaterChina Professional Services (8193)
Disclosure of interest, 12-May-2015
Concentration warning in GreaterChina Professional Services (8193)
SFC, 4-Aug-2014

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