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The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
CIFG (1226) coughs up details of investments at 30-Sep-2016
Company announcement, 23-Jan-2017
This follows a complaint to HKEX by Webb-site on 26-Dec-2016 that CIFG had failed to disclose details of "significant investments" as required by paragraph 32(4) of Appendix 16 of the Listing Rules. We calculate that the holdings included 3.32% of WLS (8021), 3.90% of KPM (8027), 1.30% of GCPS (8193), 4.49% of AMCO (0630) and 4.86% of RCG (0802).
AMCO United (0630) sells 40% of Ultimate Elite Investments Ltd to Finsoft (8018)Finsoft announcement
Company announcement, 5-Dec-2016
The target owns 21/F of Kings Wing Plaza, 3 On Kwan St, Shatin. The other 60% is held by HK Education (1082), which sold 40% to AMCO United in Jan-2016. HK Education owns 26.66% of IECCT (8081) which owns 15.83% of Finsoft. (8086) coughs up investment details
Company announcement, 27-Oct-2016
This follows a Webb-site complaint to HKEX on 17-Oct-2016 that the company had failed to comply with Appendix 16, paragraph 32(4) of the Listing Rules. We calculate the holdings to be 1.46% of China Parenting Network (8361), 1.18% of AMCO (0630) and 3.55% of GET (8100) at 30-Jun-2016.
Jun Yang (0397) buys property co from AMCO United (0630) for HK$56.5mAMCO announcement
Company announcement, 19-Oct-2016
AMCO purchased this on 6-Oct-2015 from GET (8100) for HK$62m. (8086) buys money-lender from AMCO United (0630) for HK$58.3mAMCO announcement
Company announcement, 7-Oct-2016
Of course, AMCO has set up another money-lender, JS Finance Ltd, and doesn't need two of them to lend out its shareholders' funds.
AMCO United (0630) buys 40% of Ultimate Elite Investments Ltd from HK Education (1082)HK Education announcement
Company announcement, 15-Jan-2016
AMCO United (0630) buys property from GET (8100)Circular
Company announcement, 6-Oct-2015
Actually it is buying a BVI company, Bonus First Group, which owns Unit 503, 5/F Wing On House, for HK$62m in cash, conditional on a placing of new shares via Gransing Securities to pay for it. BFG agreed to buy the property for $53.9m on 8-Aug-2015, but it must have paid HK$4.58m in Double Stamp Duty at 8.5%. This completed on 30-Sep-2015, 6 days before the sale of BFG. There will be no stamp duty on the transfer of the BVI company.
GET (8100) sells property to AMCO United (0630) for HK$62m
Company announcement, 6-Oct-2015
SEC charges Scotland-based firm for improperly boosting hedge fund client at expense of U.S. fund investors
US SEC, 10-May-2012
The SEC investigation "is continuing" - which perhaps means they are pursuing PM-1 (Chris Ruffle) and possibly PM-2 (Ke Shifeng)
FSA fines Martin Currie £3.5 million for failing to manage a conflict of interests between clients
UK Financial Services Authority, 10-May-2012
"Fund A"=Martin Currie China Hedge Fund LP. "Fund B"=The China Fund, Inc. "Company X"=Jackin International Holdings Ltd (now AMCO United Holding Ltd, HK:0630). "Company Y"=Ugent Holdings Ltd.
The China Fund, Inc. subscribes HK$177m for convertible bonds of UgentCircular
Company announcement, 10-Mar-2009
Martin Currie China Hedge Fund subscribes bonds with warrants in Jackin (0630)
Company announcement, 22-Jun-2007
Johnson Stokes & Master v Jackin Total Fulfilment Services Ltd & Helena Ho Yin-king
HK Court of First Instance, 1-Jun-2007
Breach of Listing Rules 13.46(2)(a) and 13.49(1)
Company announcement, 8-May-2006
Breach of Listing Rules 13.46(2)(a) and 13.49(1)
Company announcement, 26-Apr-2006

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