SFC seeks disqualification of ex-Far East (0036) senior execs
SFC, 10-Apr-2018
The SFC is pursuing Duncan and Derek Chiu, sons of the late Chairman Deacon Chiu, and the former company secretary Michael Lui Hung Kwong. This follows the 2012 acquittal of Duncan Chiu, Mr Lui and the late Chairman's personal assistant, Wendy Yung Kim Bing, on fraud and theft charges. The judge in that case was minded to refer the matter to "the appropriate authority or SFC".
Far East Holdings (0036): clarification regarding "Dr" Ip Ngai Sang
Company announcement, 30-May-2012
"the Company notes that the international recognitions of Lincoln University, CCIBA and ACKM are challenged by some market participants." - do they mean us?
Far East boss acquitted of HK$61m fraud
HK Standard, 9-May-2012
HKSAR v Duncan Chiu, Lui Hung Kwong & Wendy Yung Kim Bing
HK District Court, 8-May-2012
Far East Holdings (0036) appoints ED "Dr" Ip Ngai Sang with honorary doctorate from bogus universityOur article of 24-May-2010.
Company announcement, 2-Nov-2011
Lincoln University, Inc. is a shell in Louisiana covered in our article of 24-May-2010, along with the Asian Knowledge Management Association and its "college" and the CCIBA.
Brothers up in arms
HK Standard, 17-Sep-2010
Boss out on bail over HK$61m theft charges
HK Standard, 8-Sep-2010
Note 28 of the 2007 accounts shows that Deacon Chiu owed the company $22.1m at 31-Dec-2007 and a maximum of $61.9m during the year, which had been fully settled by 25-Apr-2008, the date of the report. Shareholders' approval was not sought for this connected transaction under the Listing Rules, and hence it appears to have breached the Companies Ordinance too, which appears to be the substance of the charges.
One director and 2 employees of Far East Holdings (0036) charged by CCB
Company announcement, 6-Sep-2010
Section 157H(2)(a) prohibits loans to company directors, subject to exceptions.
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
Far East Holdings (0036) sells shares & convertible bonds in Golife Concepts (8172)Circular
Company announcement, 13-Oct-2008
Far East (0036) buys shares and convertible notes in Satellite Devices (8172)Circular
Company announcement, 5-Sep-2006
The owner of the vendor of the bonds is not disclosed, but filings show it is owned by a trust for Gouw Hiap Kian and his wife Mary Ng Choy Yue. The total investment in Satellite Devices is about HK$10.5m.
The Queen v Dennis Chiu Tat Shing
HK Court of Appeal, 19-Oct-1984

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