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Charles Chong Wai Lee & Becky Chong Bun Bun v Insider Dealing Tribunal
HK Court of Appeal, 17-Dec-2012
The appeal is won, because each of the Harbour Ring and Vanda insider dealing tribunals partially admitted evidence from the other without a fair and full hearing of it. In a recursive manner, each was relying on the other to negate a coincidence and reach a finding of insider dealing. The lesson from this is that where two inquiries overlap, they should be heard as one. Final score: Chongs 2, Financial Secretary 0 (unless he appeals).
Several v Insider Dealing Tribunal
HK Court of Appeal, 10-Feb-2010
Insider Dealing Tribunal submits reports
HK Government, 16-Dec-2009
Insider Dealing Tribunal reportAnnex
IDT, 20-Oct-2009
MMT & IDT submit reports on COLI & Harbour Ring insider dealing cases
HK Government, 18-Sep-2009
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
Members appointed to Insider Dealing Tribunal
HK Government, 14-Jul-2006
Breach of Listing Rules: connected transactions
Company announcement, 20-Apr-2001
ICG Asia's HK Put Option
ICG Asia, HK-listed subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed Internet Capital Group, last week announced a huge loss in its 2000 annual results, including a HK$1.02bn (US$130m) provision against its toys and properties business. asks whether things are as bad as they look, and we query the implications of a put option over the toys and properties business which if exercised, could give the benefit of a $1bn discount to Hutchison Whampoa. (10-Apr-2001)

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