Court doesn't find insider dealing in IDS shares
SFC, 18-Jan-2018
Court sets pre-trial date 12-Sep-2017 for IDS insider dealing case
SFC, 26-Jul-2017
SFC commences insider dealing prosecutions over IDS privatisation
SFC, 9-Jun-2017
Mr Lam Yik Tung is alleged to have tipped his friends in Aug-2010. According to Webb-site Who's Who, he worked for BNP Paribas until 17-Apr-2014. BNP Paribas was the independent financial adviser to Li & Fung Ltd on the privatisation.
Inland Revenue v Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd
HK Court of Appeal, 19-Mar-2012
Li & Fung merchandiser gets 33 months for accepting HK$1.21m in bribes
ICAC, 12-Mar-2012
Li & Fung merchandise manager, 2 suppliers' officers charged by ICAC
ICAC, 27-Apr-2011
Inland Revenue v Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd
HK Court of Appeal, 20-Apr-2011
Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd v Commissioner of Inland Revenue
HK Court of First Instance, 18-Apr-2011
The taxpayer is wholly-owned by Li & Fung (0494). The judgment criticises the Board of Review for taking 3.5 years to produce a decision, and for failing to be clear in its Decision on what findings of fact it was making.
Li & Fung/IDS: special treatment for 1 shareholder
While this will benefit CCASS Participants, it plays fast-and-loose with the Bermuda Companies Act and the Takeover Code. It would have been better to amend the scheme to allow all registered shareholders to make partial elections, rather than coming to an "arrangement" with one registered shareholder outside the terms of the scheme. (28-Sep-2010)
Li & Fung/IDS offer has sting
The all-or-nothing nature of the share alternative, now worth 23% more than the cash offer, means that CCASS, which holds almost all the public shares in IDS, cannot offer the share alternative to its participants. Webb-site urges Li & Fung and IDS to amend the scheme to allow registered holders to make partial elections for shares. Otherwise, if you snooze, you lose. (24-Sep-2010)
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
Four jailed for bribery and fraud over property deals
ICAC, 17-Jun-2008
Trio guilty of bribery and fraud over property deals
ICAC, 3-Jun-2008
Vampire - Nothing Left to Prove
Last week saw AGMs of CITIC Pacific, Hysan, Li & Fung, China Unicom, Cathay, Swire, HK Electric and CKI. In every case, a majority of investor votes were against the 20% cash issue mandate, but controllers pushed it through. With 10 HSI companies now having voted, Project Vampire has nothing left to prove - investors have voted on average by more than 2 to 1 against the issue mandate. It's time for the regulators to act. (16-May-2004)
Results of AGM
Company web site, 12-May-2003
Li & Fung Voting Recommendations
The 8th AGM in Project Poll is on 12-May-03. We urge shareowners to vote against the general mandate, to help protect their shareholding from dilution. We also ask L&F to announce what level of directors' fees they intend to propose at the AGM, since the current proposal is too vague. (28-Apr-2003)

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