HK Settlers Housing Corp financial statements, 31-Mar-2017
Company filing, 10-Oct-2018
The company is limited by guarantee with 7 members. All the 7 directors are associated either with Henderson Land (0012) or Bank of East Asia (0023), which is also its banker and manager of HK$484m of securities. The audit report is qualified because the firm fails to revalue its investment properties, which are held at $1. It owns the Tai Hang Sai Estate in Shek Kip Mei, and in today's policy address, that is up for redevelopment. The land was granted in 1961 at a concessionary premium and the 1600+ flats are leased at below-market rates.
Shenzhen Zhaotian Investments Co Ltd v Henderson Land (0012)
HK Court of Appeal, 11-Mar-2015
Shenzhen Zhaotian Investments Co Ltd v Henderson Land (0012)
HK Court of Appeal, 30-Jan-2013
Shenzhen Zhaotian Investments Co Ltd v Henderson Land (0012)
HK Court of First Instance, 15-Mar-2012
Elton Chow Sing Yuet v Carry Express Investment Ltd: costs
HK Court of Appeal, 7-Feb-2012
An update on 39 Conduit Road
HK Government, 18-Jan-2012
Elton Chow Sing Yuet v Carry Express Investment Ltd
HK Court of Appeal, 13-Jan-2012
Elton Chow Sing Yuet v Carry Express Investment Ltd
HK Court of Appeal, 26-May-2011
Henderson Land defends amendment to Articles, 2 minutes after proposing it
Company announcement, 15-Apr-2011
They must know that what they are proposing is bad corporate governance - allowing decisions to be made by written majority without board meetings or discussion. Investors should vote against this special resolution, number 6. It's the same proposal which investors in HKEx voted down last year. HLD only held 5 board meetings in 2010, so they don't appear to have difficulty passing urgent matters by unanimous written resolution.
LegCo Question: property transactions at 39 Conduit Road
HK Legislative Council, 26-Jan-2011
Elton Chow Sing Yuet v Carry Express Investment Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 20-Dec-2010
SFC welcomes reappointment of Angelina Lee as NED...
SFC, 16-Jul-2010
...well, we suppose someone's got to. She's also an NED of Henderson Land and Cheung Kong Infrastructure, for whom her law firm does business, and Great Eagle and Tom Group.
Police visit Henderson Land
Company announcement, 15-Jul-2010
Conduit controversy
After watching politicians and the Government thrashing around trying to understand the aborted transactions in a small private building in Conduit Road, it is time for Webb-site to intervene and seek truth from facts. We also call for free online access to the Land Registry to increase transparency. (12-Jul-2010)
Elton S Y Chow & Associates v Carry Express Investment Ltd: costs
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Jul-2010
Response on transactions of "39 Conduit Road"
HK Government, 30-Jun-2010
Police investigating Conduit Road transactions
HK Government, 24-Jun-2010
Government to follow up on 39 Conduit Road transactions
HK Government, 17-Jun-2010
Government responds to transaction outcomes of 39 Conduit Road
HK Government, 15-Jun-2010
Government requests further information from developer of 39 Conduit Road
HK Government, 25-Mar-2010
Elton Chow Sing Yuet v Carry Express Investment Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 4-Nov-2009
A cooling-off period for new home sales
Hysterical politicians are calling for regulation of new home sales practices after a developer used some creative floor numbering and as the debate over the definition of floor area rumbles on. We suggest a less interventionist approach: a statutory cooling-off period, like the SFC is proposing for investment products. Tell us what you think in our opinion poll. (28-Oct-2009)
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
Henderson Land buys 60% of 39 Conduit Road from Lee Shau Kee for HK$12,759 per gross sq ft
Company announcement, 6-Jun-2008
The rest is 32% owned by Mr Yeung Sai Hong (and a company he controls) and 8% by the executors of an unnamed dead person.
Henderson Investment, Round 3
We urge minority shareholders of Henderson Investment (0097) to vote against the sale of its controlling stake in Hong Kong and China Gas (0003) to Henderson Land Development (0012). Read why. (31-Oct-2007)
Henderson Investment, Post Mortem
The market has been conducting a post-mortem on the Henderson Investment deal, so by popular request we are jumping in. We highlight loopholes and propose improvements in the Takeover Code, the disclosure law and the Listing Rules, but fundamentally, HLD only has itself to blame for not delivering a knock-out bid and reaching out to all HI shareholders. There's nothing wrong with voting shares you hold, whether or not they are borrowed. (25-Jan-2006)
Henderson Investment, Round 2
Here we go again. It doesn't seem like three years ago that Henderson Land tried to privatise Henderson Investment at $7.60 per share. Now they are back with a higher, paper-only offer, valued at $12.90 tonight. We give our views. (10-Nov-2005)
HK$25m for school is not a bribe, says Henderson
South China Morning Post, 18-Apr-2005
Results of AGM & EGM
Company announcement, 1-Dec-2003
Henderson Land EGM voting advice
This EGM is to approve the new share option scheme of Henderson China Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary of HLD. Vote in favour. (21-Nov-2003)
Henderson Land AGM voting advice
Last month, HLD did a surprise HK$3bn placing of new shares under the general mandate, and since then, $9.3bn has been wiped off the market value. We urge you to vote against the new issue mandate which does not comply with the Vampire recommendations and would allow HLD to do another dilutive placing. (21-Nov-2003)
Victory at HI
In a good start to 2003 for minority shareholder value, investors heeded Webb-site.com's call and succeeded in blocking the deep-discount privatisation offer for Henderson Investment, by a margin of victory that would make Al Gore proud. It sets a new benchmark for privatisations by controlling shareholders in Hong Kong. (19-Jan-2003)
HI Time to Vote
The deal timetable for the proposed privatisation of Henderson Investment straddles the holidays, and that means, depending on your custodian, you only have a few days left to vote. If you want to stop this deal, get your votes in by this Friday, Hong Kong time. (16-Dec-2002)
Henderson's Painted Corner
In an announcement that is worth only slightly more than the cost of printing it, Henderson Land has increased its privatisation offer for Henderson Investment by 3.4%, to $7.60 per share, and made this their final offer. Now the choice is quite simple, and we recommend readers to vote against the transaction. (3-Dec-2002)
Templeton Opposes Henderson Offer
Templeton Asset Management, one of the largest minority shareholders in Henderson Investment, has issued a statement through Webb-site.com opposing the privatisation at the current offer price. (11-Nov-2002)
Lo bid for HI
Henderson Land is offering HK$7.35 per share to buy out the minorities in Henderson Investment - which as we show, is a whopping 40% discount to underlying value of about $12.26 per share. Its stake in HK & China Gas alone has a market value of $7.76 per HI share. The good news is that it only takes 2.49% of the company to block the deal, so if you are an institutional holder, contact us - we need your votes to block it or get a better deal. (6-Nov-2002)
SFC successfully prosecutes Mrs Fung Lee Woon King under the Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SFC, 22-Aug-2001

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