CFA dismisses appeal by solicitor and sisters in fraud case involving overseas listed securities
SFC, 31-Oct-2018
Solicitor and sisters granted leave to appeal to Court of Final AppealJudgment
SFC, 6-Mar-2018
Court of Appeal upholds case against solicitors for insider dealing and fraud
SFC, 9-Nov-2017
Court finds 2 solicitors engaged in insider dealing in AsiaSat and fraud or deceptionSFO s300
SFC, 15-Jan-2016
This is a landmark ruling because, if the SFC can go to court with a civil case for the consequences of insider dealing, then this avoids the bottleneck of the Market Misconduct Tribunal.
Court dismisses application to strike out SFC insider dealing and fraud case
SFC, 28-Oct-2013
SFC v Young Bik Fung & others
HK Court of First Instance, 28-Oct-2013
SFC seeks court orders to redress consequences of alleged insider dealing
SFC, 22-Dec-2010
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
SFC fines Asia Satellite
South China Morning Post, 11-Oct-2000
SFC prosecutes Mr Peter Edward Jackson and Asia Satellite (1135) under the Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SFC, 10-Oct-2000

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